is an art.

Excellence in leadership requires an integrative approach that addresses the whole person (emotional, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, and physical).

Sage Hill Leadership Lab is a people-centered approach designed to equip leaders to be able to transform even the most difficult challenges into successful opportunities.

“If it wasn’t for people,
leading would be easy.”

Stephen James, LPC-MHSP, NCC

Best-selling author, founder of Sage Hill Counseling, and creator of Sage Hill Leadership Lab.




“. . . create and maintain a healthy culture while winning . . .”
“[This process] enabled us to create and maintain a healthy culture, while still winning start-up of the year awards and being named to the Inc. 5000 list as the fastest growing software company in [TN]””


Co-Founder - ProviderTrust
Co-Owner - Nashville SC

“...become whole-hearted in life...”
“I am more true to myself. [It] helped me grow into opportunities with increased clarity, healthy boundaries, and renewed passion.”

Sydney Hester, MD

Centennial Medical Center

“...develop a clear path forward...”
“I would highly recommend [this] to anyone seeking to develop a clear path forward towards long term success, happiness and peace.”

Cory Short

Highland Building Group

“...we moved from reacting to executing.”
“[This process] gave us a vocabulary and form to engage each other on a deeper level . . . we moved from reacting to executing.”

Aaron White

Evergreen Real Estate